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Meagan Fisher Couldwell is a web designer, twin mom, world explorer, and over-sharer, currently based in sunny Southern California. She is more comfortable speaking in the first person than third.

I’ve been creating websites for over 15 years. I began my career as the Deputy Designer to the legendary Dan Cederholm, the designer, author, and entrepreneur who founded Dribbble. After years of learning from Dan how to grow a company and build a reputation as a highly sought after designer and teacher, I decided to move to New York City and launch my own design business.

As an independent designer I’ve been fortunate to work with brands like Twitter, Change.org, Campaign Monitor, Wordpress, Classpass, the University of Pennsylvania, The Audubon Society, Adobe, and Toyota. I’ve also given workshops and lectures at dozens of industry conferences around the world, on topics ranging from advanced CSS techniques to the design process to user research.

In addition to building my freelance and consulting business, during my time in New York I served as the Creative Director at several startups, where I was responsible for leading the design of the brand, marketing, and product, as well as growing and managing design teams.

For the past several years I’ve worked with Adobe as one of their “Adobe Insiders,” a program where industry leaders across different disciplines are engaged to create work showcasing what Adobe products can do. I also recently co-published a book about design systems with my partner Andrew Couldwell.

In 2020 I took some time off to move across the country, have and grow twin babies, quarantine, and generally come to grips with several seismic life shifts. Thankfully, I’ve recently returned to doing the work I love—designing and building websites that are both beautiful and purposeful.

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