A collection of CSS3 awesomeness

Today I tweeted asking my lovely followers to send the best examples they could find of CSS3 effects, and as always they were super helpful. I thought it’d be useful to publish the list I’ve got so far, and ask for comments to help this list grow. If you’re looking for neat examples of CSS3 effects that happen on hover, multiple background images, forms that use CSS3, killer CSS3 buttons, or scale and rotate transforms, then here’s a few sites that may inspire you:

Smashing Magazine has done some great articles about CSS3 effects lately.

Here’s a collection of other sites that either demonstrate how to use these effects, or are already using them in a beautiful way:

Okay, that’s what I’ve got for now! Please add a comment if you come accross any more Neat-o CSS3 Things™, you never know when I’ll get more Dribbble invites!

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