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  • Making the type look better

    Published April 25, 2011

    I set out to write a quick post about the problems and solutions I've encountered while redesigning this site. Instead, this turned into a 1,000 word account of my attempt to make the type look better. For those who can't be bothered (and I couldn't blame you) here are the highlights: I like FF Tisa, check out MIN, and be true to yourself when designing your logo. As some of you may notice, I'm gradually redesigning this site. Here are some of the goals for this undertaking: Use a fluid...

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  • Laura Brunow Miner

    Published January 2, 2010

    via lbm’s twitter Like anyone who’s seen anything she’s done, I have a huge crush on Laura Brunow Miner. The fact that she letterpressed / hand painted her own business cards in her basement just means I’m crushing even harder. There’s so much awesome going on...

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  • Linzie Hunter

    Published December 27, 2009

    via Today I’m feeling so inspired by the beautiful typography-based illustrations of Linzie Hunter. Everyone was talking about her fantastic illustrated spam prints when they were featured on 20x200, and today I was thrilled to be reminded of her work again. If you, like me, want prints of her amazing pieces, you can purchase them...

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  • Super Furry Logos

    Published December 23, 2009

    via Share Some Candy Flickr user super_furry designs incredibly gorgeous, classic looking logos. Take some time out to browse the set. If you’re interested in hiring him for logo work, his contact info is available...

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  • Magenta

    Published December 18, 2009

    via I Love Typography I am seriously digging the new Magenta by Neil Summerour. It’s got a lot of character and whimsy, but it’s not over the top. Would love to experiment with this font on a future version of...

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  • A morning of launches

    Published December 10, 2009

    Since I woke up today so much has happened in the design world I can hardly keep up. To summarize: Teux Deux One of my favorite designers ever, swiss-miss, announced the launch of an incredibly simple and beautiful task management system called TeuxDeux. I love the idea of a to do list that's in the browser. Currently I use The Hit List, which is nice, but a little more complex than what I need. Now I'm just anxiously awaiting a TeuxDeux iPhone app. Mighty Another one of my design heros,...

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