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  • Design & Vulnerability

    Published August 25, 2017

    Yesterday I spent the day trying and failing to solve a product design problem. I’ve been working with Dan Mall on SuperBooked, and my latest task involves taking a complicated flow and presenting it in a way that is mobile-first, responsive, accessible, inclusive, intuitive, and welcoming (this is the problem and joy of working for a person who knows what makes a design great: there are no shortcuts). Everything we do for SuperBooked needs to ultimately forward our goal of helping...

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  • A day in the life of a sometimes successful, sometimes adult, woman, New Yorker, designer.

    Published October 21, 2016

    A few weeks ago I joined fellow Creative Director and boyfriend Andrew at an AIGA event featuring several prominent designers, the theme of which was “Day in the Life: SF x NY.” I haven’t been to many design events lately since I’m too tired to have any more friends, and do most of my “keeping current on the industry” research on Feedly during lunch and bathroom breaks. However this event intrigued us, as we’re always halfway wondering if we should be in California, especially...

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  • Looking for the helpers and Hometeam

    Published July 17, 2016

    “When I was a boy … my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mr. Rogers About 2 months ago I got an email from Drew Schwartz, VP of Product at a company called Hometeam, asking if I wanted to learn more about the company and the Creative Director role they were looking to hire. Sometimes I send a canned response to recruiting emails, usually I don’t respond at all. But this wasn’t a recruiting email, it was a short note...

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