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  • Your Sketch library is not a design system

    Published February 9, 2018

    Nodding along with Brad Frost here: “Establish a pattern-driven, cross-disciplinary workflow that emphasizes getting into the browser early and iteration over frontend code.” It helps if the system's designers know how to design in the browser, too. 😏 Source: Your Sketch library is not a design system | Brad...

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  • Presenting with Confidence

    Published February 8, 2018

    I love this article from Mike Monteiro about presenting your work with more confidence: I don’t know, by Mule Design Studio on...

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  • The State of the Web – Karolina Szczur

    Published February 5, 2018

    "As technologists, it’s our responsibility not to hijack attention and time people could be happily spending elsewhere. Our objective is to build tools that are conscious of time and human focus." Excellent guide to optimizing performance by Karolina Szczur. Source: The State of the Web – Karolina Szczur –...

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  • Design & Vulnerability

    Published August 25, 2017

    Yesterday I spent the day trying and failing to solve a product design problem. I’ve been working with Dan Mall on SuperBooked, and my latest task involves taking a complicated flow and presenting it in a way that is mobile-first, responsive, accessible, inclusive, intuitive, and welcoming (this is the problem and joy of working for a person who knows what makes a design great: there are no shortcuts). Everything we do for SuperBooked needs to ultimately forward our goal of helping...

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  • 5 Aspects of a Great Creative Director

    Published February 11, 2016

    I love this whole interview with Claudio Guglieri for the fantastic 99U website, but particularly his 5 tips for being a great Creative Director. Know what “tickles” each person. I like to have an initial chat when I start working with new hires in order to learn their goals and find out how you can help to achieve them. It can vary from trying out a new tool, or improving certain skills. I've also found (both as a manager and someone being managed) that I do my best work when I'm...

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  • Product Design Lessons from 2015

    Published February 4, 2016

    2015 was a humbling year for me. In September of 2014, I joined a tiny but established startup called SproutVideo as their third employee and first designer. The role interests me because it affords the opportunity to see how design can grow a solid product with a loyal user-base into something even better. The work I do now could also have a real impact on the brand and user experience of our product for years to come, which is a thrilling prospect in an industry where much of what I do feels...

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