The biggest challenge with the redesign was making something as complex as SuperBooked feel easy and fun to use on mobile devices, so I decided to start with that. The first phase of the project involved designing the entire app for mobile (mobile first really works!); initially the app was designed in grayscale to save me from getting bogged down in visual style details. From there I designed the larger screen versions of each flow, and then incorporated visual style such as color, typography and shadow.

The foundation of SuperBooked is Opportunities. SuperBooked users post gigs, and others can express interest in them. Those searching for Opportunities can filter by skillset or industry. Once an Opportunity is closed, the poster can assign it to a specific user.

Above you can see the forms for posting a new Opportunity and sharing it with specific people. Those who post Opportunities can share them with connections, those they email, lists that they curate, or with the whole community.

Above you can see the feed for Connections, discovering new Connections, a Lists feed, and adding to a List. Lists are privately curated collections of Connections. Connections themselves can also have private notes, so users can record details about a Connection for their use.

At the time of posting this project this work is not live, but you should still go check out SuperBooked, especially if you are independent and looking for new work opportunities. You can also appreciate this project on Behance, follow me on Twitter, like my page on Facebook, or follow me on Dribbble. I’m currently taking on new freelance work as well, so feel free to send me a message if you have a project in mind. šŸ™‚