The most challenging part of the app to rethink was the video page: this is the core of SproutVideo, a service that provides video hosting for businesses. The old video page was a UX nightmare; it was counterintuitive, and simple actions involved many clicks and missteps for the user. I started from scratch with simple research to understand the user’s needs, then began with sketches and grayscale wireframes of all potential actions in this part of the product.

These grayscale wireframes (click here to view large) were turned into a prototype on InVision; this is just a small sample of the screens mocked up in order to account for every potential user need. With this prototype I was able to test my hypothesis about how users would navigate the page, and iterate accordingly.

Above you can see a closeup of one section of the wireframes; within each video page there’s a great deal of functionality — users can customize, embed, control privacy, see analytics, and engagement.

Once the UX for the video page was established, I turned to visual style. A new color palette was implemented using pale blues with the brand’s green for an accent color; a new typeface with a more friendly, open feel was also chosen. Using Sass variables to establish these patterns in code, I implemented this new visual style across the entirety of the app.

Following the new visual style guidelines, the key screens of the app were given a much more open, friendly, and inviting feel. SproutVideo is primarily used by businesses for corporate video hosting, but we wanted it to have the personality of a helpful, relaxing assistant rather than a bland professional tool.

For select screens I created a little character of a video in the clouds, just to give the product a little more cheer and welcoming. This figure went on to be used throughout marketing materials, and in onboarding and error messages to create a consistently friendly feeling.

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