Before we could begin creating the new visual style for the marketing site, we did an exhaustive content inventory and overhaul to ensure the new site’s copy was the best it could be, and mobile-friendly too. This meant before opening Pahotoshop, I worked with the content team to create grayscale wireframes of the key pages of the site to establish flow, hierarchy, and layout.

Once the content and layout were established, I began creativing the page mockups. All told I created dozens of designs for the site, including a revised homepage, three product pages, several company and resource pages, and a new signup page. A selection of this work can be seen here.

In line with the goals of their marketing site, I created a new visual style for Piqora that was warm, soft, open, and elegant. The experience should give visitors a feeling of calm and capability, something that’s lacking in the field of marketing tools. A combination of bright, beautiful imagery, soft colors, and a rounded sans-serif paired with a classic serif font created this feeling.

Piqora is a very robust product with a huge amount of features, so making a page that showcases the power of the product while being responsive and considerate of performance was a challenge. Features are grouped by user goals in a simple navigation, to let users quickly navigate to the content that’s relevant to them.

One of the biggest challenges of designing the site was making such a content-rich, extensive marketing site work responsively. By designing the site to be mobile-first, we were able to ensure a great experience for visitors from any device. Seen here are two of the product pages, with screenshots from both the desktop and mobile versions.

Piqora has since been acquired by Olapic, so unfortunately the site is no longer online. However, for it’s time the site achieved its goal of improving Piqora’s online presence for all visitors to it’s site by being giving everyone a welcoming, beautiful experience, regardless of device.