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This is just a quick update to brag about some stuff I’ve done lately. I’ve been putting off writing this post because self-promotion makes me icky, but I’ve had lots of caffeine this morning so I’m going to knock it out.

United Pixelworkers Tee

When the savvy team of shirt makers at United Pixelworkers asked me to create a design for them, I was thrilled. I’ve long thought there needs to be an official uniform for night owls, and now we’ve got one. Get yours soon, because come October they’ll be retired forever.

Flyover Effect Podcast

The Flyover Effect Podcast

The nice kids at BitMethod interviewed me for their nerdy podcast, The Flyover Effect. It was a lot of fun, even though I was over-caffinated and nervous and super awkward, which became the theme of the show. Having said that, you should give it a listen, if you want.

One correction from the podcast: I said I gave a talk on mobile design before the iPhone came out. This is incorrect, since I gave the talk in 2008. Please forgive the error, I am unpracticed at talking and thinking at the same time.

Top 10 Designers of 2011

Somehow I was nominated one of the .net Awards Top 10 Designers of 2011, which seems crazy to me. It’s an honor to be counted among some of my favorite people, and as part of the nomination we all did quick interviews with the folks at .net. You can also vote for web people at the .net awards site. I personally can’t decide who to vote for, though I will say I’ve really loved Trent’s work this year.

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One thought on “Owltastic around the web

  • Meagan – Thanks again for being our guest on The Flyover Effect! You were great and definitely deserve an award for still podcasting with us even after having just experienced an earthquake.