When I joined, Hometeam’s brand consisted of vibrant neon colors, condensed sans-serif fonts, and primarily technology focused imagery. My goal was to soften and bring the humanity back to the brand through images of smiling older adults, a more subdued color palette, and more open and friendly typefaces. By assembling these style tiles I created a library of assets our design team could use across various print and digital materials.

Softer but still bright colors and more friendly icons created a cheerful feeling; finding home care for older adults can often be a scary task, we wanted to convey warmth and trustworthiness with our design. The images above are taken from a brochure I designed in my time at Hometeam.

In addition to print and other marketing materials, our new brand assets were made to be used for digital as well. Below are a series of images from a responsive landing page I designed to help visitors to the site find out more about care and understand what makes Hometeam different.

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