My first step was to create a responsive landing page to tell our current and new customers about the initiative. This project had a very limited timeframe so I opted to keep things simple, with just enough information to give you a sense of the whats and hows of the campaign. It was important to convey trustworthiness and express how much our team really cares about helping out the planet.

Despite the short deadlines I was able to make the site responsive, so visitors on any device could read more about how SproutVideo is helping to regrow National Forests. The page includes a new graphic designed by yours truly for the initiative, along with beautiful forest imagery and the classic SproutVideo gradient. There’s also some facts about trees, inspirational quotes, and a signup form to encourage users to check us out.

Along with digital collateral, I wanted to create a shirt and sticker we could give away to loyal customers or at industry events. The theme of “growing with video” emerged as a natural way to describe what SproutVideo does for it’s users, as well as reference our commitment to helping to grow trees.

I also put together a series of graphics with facts about trees to be shared on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read more about the initiative and check out the page for yourself at