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On September 26, 2014, I gave a talk at Generate Conference called Be Less Terrible at the Business of Design. Here's a summary of the talk:

Many designers say the business part is the hardest part of their work, and Meagan is no exception. How do we find the right projects, and begin them with the best chance of success? How do we endure weird requirements and seemingly inane critiques? How do we get through the day when the ideas don't come? How do we ensure we get paid when it's all over? These questions, more than questions about font choice or color palette, are the questions that keep many of us up at night.

As someone who regularly tweets about taking a day off to recover from Burrito Regret, you might be surprised Meagan would pretend to be an expert at managing a design business. But her varied history of working with clients huge and small means she has a wealth of stories about failure and success to draw from, and Meagan believes sharing these stories makes us all better at our jobs.

In this talk, Meagan will share the things she's learned about getting the work you want, ensuring a project is a success, and getting paid for it when you’re done. Before you think “well that sounds soulless, I’m going to the Tower of London tour during her talk,” she'd also like to tell you that thinking hard about how to manage her business has made her a better human being outside the office too. So come share in a celebration of us all being slightly less terrible.

Many thanks to the organizers for having me, and to all the awesome attendees for hearing me out. Here are the slides from this event:

And here is a video of this event:

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