Designing Mobile Interfaces Presentation

For FOWD 2009 I decided to talk about the importance of designing for mobile devices, different levels of mobile support, and how to get started creating mobile designs.

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High Resolution Antique Wallpaper Pack

My uncle works for Waterhouse Wallhangings, and gave me permission to post these high resolution wallpaper samples for download. I love using tiling background patterns in my designs, especially ones with a vintage, textured feel, and I thought you might enjoy them too.

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Ampersand Desktop Backgrounds

These desktop backgrounds were inspired by a blog post Dan and I worked on over at SimpleBits; the ampersands shown in the backgrounds are taken from the default fonts included in different operating systems.

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My name is Meagan Fisher. I love good design, well written markup, and owls. I'm the deputy designer at SimpleBits. When not helping Dan, I work with my own clients.

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