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  • Owltastic around the web

    Published September 17, 2011

    This is just a quick update to brag about some stuff I've done lately. I've been putting off writing this post because self-promotion makes me icky, but I've had lots of caffeine this morning so I'm going to knock it out. United Pixelworkers Tee When the savvy team of shirt makers at United Pixelworkers asked me to create a design for them, I was thrilled. I've long thought there needs to be an official uniform for night owls, and now we've got one. Get yours soon, because come October...

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  • Flat, simple icons for interface design

    Published August 4, 2011

    Here's a bit of backstory on why I began hunting for icons, and a few thoughts about icon design in general. If you don't care about that, skip to the roundup. A few weeks back, a client remarked that they didn't like the folder icon used in a project. At first I thought nothing of changing it. I own about a bajillion icons, and how hard could it be to find or design a folder icon? As it turns out, finding quality, versatile icons is pretty hard, and designing my own is a nightmare. I should...

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  • Collecting things

    Published July 7, 2011

    My dad is a chronic collector. Every few months he develops a new obsession, rounding up as many of a thing as he can. He inspects, catalogs, and adores each item for months, then trucks it off to a pawn shop or antiques vendor to make room for the next thing. Here are some of the collections that filled our house over the years, not in any particular order: arrow heads, ink wells, pocket knives, antique belt buckles, military swords, Colt pistols, snuff boxes, Scrimshaw, antique currency,...

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  • Ahoy, ‘mates

    Published May 2, 2011

    Today is my first day as a Studiomate! Over my left shoulder, the Manhattan Bridge is stretching out across the East River. I've just had lunch with a group of my favorite creative people. Excited doesn't begin to cover it. I'm so happy to be part of this amazing little community of designers, illustrators, developers, and writers. I can't wait to work and learn with them. The view. Photo by Raul Gutierrez Also, this past week was my last at Hoefler & Frere-Jones. During my brief time...

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  • Making the type look better

    Published April 25, 2011

    I set out to write a quick post about the problems and solutions I've encountered while redesigning this site. Instead, this turned into a 1,000 word account of my attempt to make the type look better. For those who can't be bothered (and I couldn't blame you) here are the highlights: I like FF Tisa, check out MIN, and be true to yourself when designing your logo. As some of you may notice, I'm gradually redesigning this site. Here are some of the goals for this undertaking: Use a fluid...

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  • A week of posts

    Published March 24, 2011

    Hello dear RSS subscribers! (Are you out there? Do people still use RSS?) I'm about to put some content up for the redesign, and this will likely mean a flood of new posts tagged with work, faq's, about, slides, etc. So, I just want to apologize in advance if you're suddenly inundated with more Owltastic than you can handle. I plan to publish about 15 posts or so, and then things will slow back down to a manageable trickle. Carry...

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  • Making updates

    Published March 17, 2011

    Just wanted to post a quick message for anyone who happens by the site: I'm in the midst of the redesign. If things get all wonky, it's okay. It's supposed to be like...

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  • Front-End Design Conference

    Published July 16, 2010

    The opening slide for my talk. Next week I'll be back in my home state for the 2010 Front-End Design Conference, a single day design conference focused on content, presentation and behavior in St. Petersburg, FL. I'll be speaking about how to Conquer the Blank Canvas (or take your designs from rough wireframes to awesome finished concepts).The speaker lineup is fantastic (Jina! Sarah!), and at $129 / ticket, it's a great deal. Register...

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  • A collection of CSS3 awesomeness

    Published January 26, 2010

    Today I tweeted asking my lovely followers to send the best examples they could find of CSS3 effects, and as always they were super helpful. I thought it'd be useful to publish the list I've got so far, and ask for comments to help this list grow. If you're looking for neat examples of CSS3 effects that happen on hover, multiple background images, forms that use CSS3, killer CSS3 buttons, or scale and rotate transforms, then here's a few sites that may inspire you: Smashing Magazine has done...

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