Work Experience

  • February 2007 to Present

    Principal, Owltastic

    For over a decade I’ve designed under the name Owltastic; in that time I’ve partnered with agencies such as Happy Cog and MetaLab, I’ve also done work for clients like Change.Org, Twitter, Campaign Monitor, The Audubon Society, ClassPass, and many more. I’ve spoken at industry events in 18 cities in 8 countries around the world and been published on several noted design websites.

    Design services provided include: product design, responsive design, system design, user experience design, iOS design, ecommerce design, marketing design, illustration, and others. I am also an experienced front-end developer, crafting my own HTML and CSS for most projects I do.

  • May 2016 to March 2017

    Creative Director, Hometeam

    At Hometeam I was responsible for leading a rebranding effort, guiding and creating the design for our digital and print marketing materials, and directing the design of our suite digital products.

    Completed projects include: a refresh of our brand to include new typography, colors, and imagery. This rebrand was implemented across our entire library of print and digital marketing materials, including emails, landing pages, advertisements, brochures, swag, and other marketing collateral. I also oversaw the design and development of our internal company admin tool, as well as an iPhone app for Caregivers.

  • September 2014 to May 2016

    Creative Director, SproutVideo

    At SproutVideo I was responsible for establishing, implementing, and maintaining the visual style, user experience, and creative direction for our entire product, as well as researching and understanding user needs in order to drive product strategy.

    Completed projects include: brand and style guidelines, a responsive redesign of our marketing site, blog, and emails, as well as all other digital collateral for marketing. I’ve also done the UX and design for the admin and templates for our biggest release: a tool that allows our clients to create their own responsive video websites. I’ve created and begun implementing a new visual style language for our entire product, as well as a user experience overhaul of several key portions of the application.

  • January 2012 to January 2014

    Art Director, Chartbeat

    Worked with a team of designers to rebrand the company, and establish and implement a visual style for our entire suite of analytics products and our marketing materials. I was also responsible for a complete redesign the of our marketing experience, including the guest site, support site, blog and other marketing collateral.

    Completed projects include a collaborative redesign of our first product, Chartbeat for Everyone; we also redesigned and expanded our publishing product, Chartbeat for Publishers. Launched several new products, including a video analytics tool, an iPhone app, a reporting tool for historical analytics, and a product to help sell advertising packages on digital publications. For each of these products I worked with the team to help guide the user experience as well as visual style.

  • August 2008 to January 2010

    Deputy Designer, SimpleBits

    One of the highlights of my career was working with Dan Cederholm as his deputy designer for 2 years. In that time Dribbble was just taking shape, and I was able to assist Dan in growing the site from a small community to the invaluable home for designers it is today. I also helped with a number of personal and professional projects in Dan’s capacity as community organizer, author, and freelance designer.

    Assisted with a re-write of Dan’s first book, Bulletproof Web Design, and with his second book, Handcrafted CSS. Created a blog for updates about a local web community event, Markup & Style. Assisted with icon production for IconShoppe, Dan’s icon store. Researched and contributed to articles on the popupar Contributed to the development of client work, including a project for

  • January 2005 to March 2006

    Web Designer, Saris Tech

    This was my first job in web design; I landed an internship making Flash websites for business training seminars after working in the hotel industry for 2 years. Within 6 months I was offerred a full-time position as a web designer, designing both marketing and product websites for a variety of businesses in the real estate industry. This job is where I cut my teeth, transitioning from a Flash hobbyist to a Photoshop and XHTML pro.

Publications & Speaking Events

  • 2016
  • Speaker at WebVisions Portland
  • Speaker at WebVisions NYC
  • Speaker at WebVisions Chicago
  • Interviewed for the WebVisions Blog

  • 2015
  • Published in 24ways
  • Speaker at Awwwards Conference in Barcelona
  • Speaker at Smashing Conference in Oxford, UK

  • 2014
  • Speaker at Generate Conference in London, UK
  • Featured in NetMag
  • Interviewed for CreativeBloq
  • Speaker at Smashing Confernece in New York, NY
  • Speaker at Made by Few in Little Rock, Arkansas

  • 2013
  • Speaker at InControl in Orlando, FL
  • Speaker at Beyond Tellerand in Dusseldorf, Germany

  • 2012
  • Speaker at Future of Web Design in New York, NY
  • Speaker at Reasons to be Creative in Brighton, UK
  • Speaker at AIGA InControl in Orlando, FL

  • 2011
  • Speaker at Interlink in Vancouver, Canada
  • NetAwards runner-up for Designer of the Year Award

  • 2010
  • Published in 24Ways
  • Speaker at Build in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Speaker at Brooklyn Beta in Brooklyn, NY
  • Speaker at Fronteers in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Speaker at Frontend Conf in Oslo, Norway

  • 2009
  • Speaker at Future of Web Design in London, UK
  • Published in 24Ways

Elsewhere & Contact

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see my latest work and inspiration. I am an enthusiastic Dribbbler. I post case studies on Behance too. My writing lives on Medium, and you can connect with me on LinkedIn. To reach out directly, please email me at