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  • Ampersands Galore!

    Published August 14, 2008

    Dan and I recently collaborated on a post about ampersands over at SimpleBits. I think after days of skimming through hundreds of fonts, I've developed chronic ampersand fever. My main symptom is a manic drive to incorporate this abbreviation into every aspect of my life, such as, but not limited to: desktop wallpapers. I figured I'd share the results of my passion with you kids. Click on the format of your liking for hot download action: 320x480...

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  • First Day at SimpleBits

    Published August 7, 2008

    Everybody who's ever been to An Event Apart or wanted to write the best possible markup or found themselves seeking great writing about design has probably discovered what an awesome guy Dan Cederholm is. Working with him at SimpleBits is every bit (ha ha) as awesome as you might imagine. I could write a lot about how much I learned in one short day about starting a business, communicating with clients, deciding what projects to take on, and staying inspired. I could also gush about how in just...

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